Summer Essentials On Sale!

May 27, 2017


Sandals, Bandana, Watch, Necklace, Dress, Earrings, Umbrella, Shoes, Bag, Earrings

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Nordstrom does this fabulous thing twice a year where some of the BEST and most popular items are marked down 40%, and this time, some of the best summer essentials are included in the sale! What I love about Nordstrom is I fell like they are the “Real Girl” store- you know what I mean? Let me explain! So often, when I go to the mall, I walk past store windows displaying outrageously revealing tops, shorts that would never fit over my thighs, and trends that I pray do not catch on. But at Nordstrom, everything in their inventory is modest, yet trendy, while still staying at an affordable price point. I have always been very impressed with Nordstrom‘s way of knowing their audience and understanding that fashion is not all about showing skin and being “edgy”. With Nordstrom launching their Half Yearly Sale this week, what a perfect time to update your summer wardrobe, for a fraction of retail cost.

Some more favorites:

  1. CLUSE Watches– I included one of these in the collage above, but I am seriously loving these. They are super simple and sophisticated, yet chic! And for around $60, you can’t beat the price!
  2. “Camera” Bag– I have seen this style bag all over the place lately and I think they are absolutely adorable! JCrew did their version of this bag and it was almost exactly similar to this BP version…except this one is $20! #WIN
  3. White Mid-Length Dress– This is personally a staple in my closet, because all the time, is the right time for a comfy white mid-length dress. The modest length, and girly silhouette of this Leith dress is perfect for lunch with the girls, or a meeting at the office.
  4. Leather Card Case– How fun are these Coach leather card cases? They come in three fun colors, and you are getting that classic quality coach leather that is sure to last you a lifetime! I personally love the blue!
  5. Colorful Tote– If you’re looking for a fun new summer bag to tote the kids necessities around in this summer, look no further because I think this is, hands down, the most fun bag I have ever seen. I love the bold prints, beading and colorful patterns. This had already been added to my cart!

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