RHOD Season 2: Episode 4

September 4, 2017

My Thoughts:

You all amaze me each and every week with the love and support you not only show me, but RHOD in general! Thank you so so so much for another week of kindness and love! 

If Travis wants to make this his James Bond, glass elevator, sharks swimming in the living room house, we aren’t moving in!  I love his imagination and creative thoughts, but I want them to stay right where they belong – in his head! Travis flips multiple properties a year, so buying and renovating homes is nothing new to him. What is new is my involvement?  I usually let him do his thing and stay out of his way.  I don’t know real estate trends and what’s hot on the market, but what I do know is what is best for my family and that is what is proving to be difficult for us in this situation. Travis is seeing this through “profit” eyes; I am seeing it through my “mom” eyes! Mama is not backing down on this!

Thankfully, and if you follow me on social media you have probably already seen, I do win this fight! This past week the pool was covered, the elevator is nowhere near the middle of the room, and the boys playroom is almost complete. Our compromise; Travis has a detached man-cave where he has full design control! Win-Win!

I do have a confession that I need to make. Ever since I was a little girl, it has always been my dream to live next to Heidi Dillon! Growing up in the small town of Coweta, Oklahoma I knew that the only way I could insert myself into the Dallas social scene would be to buy a home right next to hers so that we could be neighbors, have coffee together on our patio’s, braid each others hair, and skip off into the sunset! Just kidding! I actually didn’t even know she was my neighbor until after Travis had bought the house! And contrary to popular belief, I am actually a huge home-body! My sweatpants are where I find my comfort! I would much rather spend an evening watching movies on the couch with my boys than a night on the town. The only social circle I am concerned about getting in to is the one my boys create when they build a fort in my living room! Heidi, we can build our own fort! #NoBoysAllowed 

I was very surprised to hear how much Leeanne knew about my home. It is strange to me because I didn’t tell anyone that we had purchased it, not even the neighbors. I am not one to go around bragging or boasting about my purchases because I think that things we purchase for our family are for my family. Travis and I actually bought and sold two other properties during the time of filming, but they didn’t seem to have any interest in those, so why this one? It seems like every nice thing that I receive by surprise (bracelet, house, etc.) LeeAnne seems to be upset about. Why cant we be happy for other peoples successes? 

Showing Brandi Travis and I’s new home was very exciting for me. I had not shown our home up until this point and it looked as if Travis and I were going to keep it.  I was very excited to get her thoughts on the property. I enjoy sharing big moments in life with my best friend.  Friends support and encourage one another, and so I was happy to share this moment with her! I feel a slumber party coming on!

I can see why Kameron was upset that Cary and I both received a gift in front of her and she didn’t.  However, she and Brandi have not been friends up to this point so would it have made sense for her not to receive a gift? I do agree that it was bad timing and maybe we should have done that in a more private space. I will say though, I was very much up for this girl’s trip to Memphis! 



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