RHOD Season 2: Episode 12

October 31, 2017

My Thoughts: 

We are at the season finale already? I can’t believe it!
I wanted to start this blog by thanking the kind people that make this experience enjoyable…YOU!
Re-living some of the more personal experiences, as we did this season, is both nerve-wracking and emotional. It’s not easy to share an argument that you had with your best friend or a struggle your having with your son to a group of friends, let alone millions of people. You all have shown me so much kindness, grace, love and compassion through this season and for that I am forever grateful! I have made so many friends this season whether it be through a DM on twitter, exchanging comments on Instagram, or showing up at your doorstep with Cary and Brandi 😉 So to all of the friends, new and old, I want to give a huge thank you, because I wouldn’t be here without you!

Okay, so a house update! We are keeping the house! We are NOT keeping the pool! We have added on a new master bedroom and a play room for the boys, along with a larger laundry room and an elevator (not in the middle of the master bedroom like Travis wanted)! Because I took away all of Travis’ hopes and dreams along with that pool, we added a detached Man Cave including a 7 car garage for Travis to house all of his toys and a two bedroom guest suite upstairs. The new rule of thumb became every time Travis would make a track design suggestion, I would gut another room…and add another $100,000 to my renovation budget 😉 It is safe to say I have definitely turned this house into a home and I am very excited to kick off the new year by moving our family into our new home.  

Friendship update! This season, we started with a conflict between Brandi and I, but our conversation to resolve that issue was clearly hindered by too many third parties being involved; I wasn’t going to end the season like that! I can sense something going on between Brandi, Cary and myself and I am not going to pass that over, so I called the girls to lunch. We all love each other, and we need to get to the bottom of this. Brandi’s comments about Cary at the White Party were a wake up call to me, and I feel like as her best friend, I need to say something to her because this is not the Brandi that I know and love! Watching these past few episodes, I am starting to see that my inclination was right, LeeAnne was trying to manipulate Brandi. Actually, she was manipulating all of us! Watching both of those girls apologize and take responsibility for their actions is exactly how it should have been handled and made my heart happy! No one is every coming between our friendship again! You know the saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I am no fool!

Going to D’Andra’s brunch, I didn’t now where Brandi’s head was in regards to her friendship with LeeAnne…so why not take a shot before we go, right? Hearing Brandi say that LeeAnne told her she would slit her throat if she crossed her terrified me for Brandi! Maybe we are going to need a few more shots? Is it safe to say I didn’t see this brunch being all smiles and scones? All I know is if someone throws a glass and stains my Gucci dress I am going to be pissed!

One of the comments that LeeAnne made at the table was that I never give her a chance, but was I ever really given an opportunity to give her a chance? Looking back at last year, my first interaction with her was that passive aggressive conversation that she had with Brandi. This year we start off with her coming to my house trying to humiliate me. When in there was she expecting me to give her a chance? I certainly haven’t been reached out to. She has “tried” with Cary and Brandi, but my phone isn’t ringing. After seeing how she has attacked Cary’s marriage and tried to come between Brandi and I, wouldn’t you say I have every right to have my guard up? I look for loyalty, honesty and authenticity in my friendships. I am not going to say we are never going to be friends, but I feel like I need a reason to be her friend first. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Until next time!

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