Neutrals on Neutrals on Neutrals

January 24, 2017

Long VestBodysuit (Similar), Jeans, Necklace (Similar), EarringsBelt (SimilarSimilar), ShoesBag


  If you take a peek into my closet you will notice that I love to wear lighter colors. Whites, tans, beige, blues, pink; it is just my thing! I feel a little more pep in my step, my mood is a little more upbeat and I just feel more confident.I think we all have those confidence colors that we feel most comfortable in, and for me, its various shades of white!

 When shopping for neutrals, you really can shamelessly lean more towards the higher end side because neutrals are absolute investment pieces (like this jacket and this bag that I am in love with), because I mean…they’re neutrals, they go with everything! But then again, when you find a fabulous deal on pieces like this vest, and these shoes, its a win-win! Every smart shopper knows you have to pair your high’s and low’s together! 😉





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