My Glamping Checklist

July 9, 2017

Romper: Socialite

I am currently in Yellowstone with my family enjoying a weekend of outdoor family fun and gorgeous weather. I love the great outdoors just as much as the next girl, but… I also enjoy a real mattress and a toilet that I can flush. Am I asking too much? No! So while this is a camping trip for the boys, this is a “glamping” trip for mama!

If you have been following me for a while, you know cargo shorts and a hiking boots aren’t really my M.O. so packing for this trip was a little more strategic than normal. I wanted pieces that are breathable and provide lots of stretch…while being cute and sticking with the outdoor/nature theme 😝 I live for a good theme! Haha

Without further a-do, here is my Glamping Checklist!


  1. Elta MD Sunscreen– This is a must on any vacation! Scratch that, this is a must in my everyday life! Skincare and protection from the sun are super import in my book so I spend a little more to make sure I am well covered!
  2. BP. Printed Shorts– Shorts are a must, but I didn’t want to bring any of my nice jean shorts to get dirty. I bought this super cute BP. pair (now 40% off), to pair with a tee and some sandals for running around the “glamp” site. They’re super light weight and you can’t beat the price! I also brought THESE, THESE and THESE!
  3. Inexpensive Sunglasses– I knew we were going to go horseback riding, river rafting, and on a few other excursions that were high risk for dropping and breaking a pair of sunglasses, so I went out to Nordstrom and found this fabulous pair for…wait for it… $12! Broken Tom Ford would upset me. Broken $12 sunglasses, not so much! Also love THIS pair!
  4. Studded Backpack– A backpack is a must on a camping trip, but a studded backpack is a must to make it a glamping trip! Was white the best choice? Maybe not. But I love the girly detailing, and this is a total dub for the $2,350 Fendi version! Super cute and only $50!
  5. Rompers, Rompers and more Rompers– I honestly can’t think of a better time to wear a romper than when glamping! They’re easy to pack, cute and comfortable. They put the glam in glamping! THIS tribal print option is comfy and under $50! Also brought THIS one along as a back-up!
  6. Rose Gold Sneakers– The last thing I want to do is ruin a perfectly good pair of Valentino flats on a Glamping trip, but I do want an excuse to buy another pair of sneakers! I found these insanely cute rose gold sneakers that I couldn’t resist taking on the trip! They are great for running into town or sitting by the camp fire, and for $40, I won’t be too upset if they get a little dirt on them.

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