Episode 6 Outfit Details

May 17, 2016

 Top: Club Monaco (Similar) , Jeans: Rag and Bone, Shoes: Michael Kors (Similar)

Also Love:

Top: Parker , Shoes: Alexandre Birman

It was so fun to watch Chance’s face again when he saw his room update for the first time. A year before, I removed the baby bed and updated Cruz’s room. Both Chance and Cruz loved Cruz’s new nautical themed room. I wanted Chance to feel just as special with a themed room. He loves and excels at sports, so a sports theme was an easy choice. I secretly worked with interior designer, Donna Strain, for months through completion to the big reveal so it would be a big surprise for Chance.

Travis loves to be involved in planning, but always at the last minute after I have put a ton of time and thought into a project. I always give him an opportunity to give his opinion, but I usually get my way. Travis is an incredible business man and leader by nature. Sometimes I feel like he forgets that I don’t need him to manage things in my life. I would love for him to sit back and just let me take the lead with things around the house like decorating. He always ends up loving it.

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